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Sailing Master &

Caba is new to this whole shebang...
So please bear with him as he tries to understand his roles and responsibilities. If you ever feel he is becoming a bit more than what you can handle, please let us know. He is an innocent chap who just wants to make you happy.

He can be reached via email at:


Thorsten Gorny

Co-founder &
Chief Amazement Officer

This bearded Berlin native is an awful surfer, which is exactly why he lives in Las Palmas these days. When he is not busy trying to improve his surfing skills, he puts his biz development and marketing superpowers to use. Occasionally, he drops by the office to ensure that the dev team stays happy.

He can be reached via email at:


Nataraj Ganapathy

Co-founder &
Cheerleader In Chief

Ganpy grew up in India as an awkward cricketer with big dreams. He lives in Michigan now, where Cricket refers to an insect. Oh, the irony! He tries to bring cheer to the geographically distributed team and fails often. But he claims he is not too shabby when it comes to marketing and biz development strategies.

He can be reached via email at:

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