Cabaana boosts employee happiness and engagement by gamifying interaction and collaboration with your team for more fun at work

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Break the shackles of traditional communication

The only way to keep pace with the changing trends of modern means of communication is... well, to adopt them.

But don't worry! Cabaana helps you navigate these troubled communication channels safely through its trendy features such as Newsfeed, IM, Rooms and more.

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Collaborate effectively and sail smoothly

There's nothing happier than to be part of a team that works well together. But sometimes, team collaboration hits bumpy rocks if information is not well organized.

Cabaana's Huts are just what you need to avoid waddling through these rocks.

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Engage your team through periodic interactions

Team Happiness is directly proportional to Team Interaction. Cabaana's Engagement Engine helps you moor interaction to your team for a happy sail.

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Invite feedback

After all, you are in this together!

Continuous feedback is key to strengthening your team's capabilities. Cabaana's feedback techniques help you prepare for high seas and enable you to make most of favorable winds.

Make "appreciating each other" cool!

Do you know how far saying a simple 'thank you' makes you sail? Farther than you think. Cabaana makes it cooler to appreciate each other. And your team will absolutely love this feature.

Sign up now for Cabaana and thank us later.

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  • Up to 5 Team Members (Users)
  • 3 GB Storage (Per Team)
  • Unlimited Time
  • All Features
Everything from Free AND

  • 10 GB Storage (Per Team Member)
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Priority Support
  • Archiving/Retention options based on request and additional cost


per employee, per month
annual subscription


monthly subscription

Everything from Premium AND

  • Third Party App Integrations
  • More Customizable Features
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • 20 GB Storage (Per Team Member)
  • and more...

Coming soon!

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